Thursday, 8 November 2012

Research: Android adoption rate 6 times faster than iPhone

KPCB partner Mary Meeker (Mary Meeker) an unexpected Internet trends report highlights that Android growth rate is six times the iPhone. Tech Crunch reports if this is not good enough message around the world Android users Mick sharing Google has a platform of triumph to claim even Windows OS for Internet-enabled devices in the first quarter of 2012 the number one title.

These figures are not surprising if one considers the recent activities in the field of Android. Google's Android Friday. According to IDC's worldwide quarterly mobile phone tracker global Android smart phone shipments reached 13.6 million units accounting for 75% in the third quarter of 2012 181.1 million smart phones shipped. 91.5% increase over the same period last year nearly double the overall market growth rate of 46.4%.

Shared statistics Mick she made it clear that the iPad through rate of up to 5 times the iPhone.

Mick stressed the other part of her research sharing one hundred million smart phone users by the end of 2012. The number of mobile phone subscribers is expected to reach 50 billion yuan by the end of 2012 depicts the increasingly popular mobile phones cheaper varieties. Tech Crunch shares Mick May a total of 953 million smart phone users and 6.1 billion mobile phone users Despite a few more subscriptions by the same person.

Further elaborated there are more Internet-enabled of Android devices than Windows when Mick sharing in the first quarter of 2012 the former leading the latter. At that time Android quarterly shipments of about 90 million units. Mick increase by the end of 2013 there will be 1.6 million Android devices 100 million units of Windows devices and the quarterly shipments 8000000000 iOS devices. Mick soon the end of her presentation but before this the end of the second quarter of 2013 the global smart phone plus tablet PC installed base will be leading the PC installed base. Use local search engine to find out the nearest android phone shop.

Furthermore shared in the report Mick the end of her speech and review how various industries were redefined but first took a minute to review Zuckerberg's thoughts on the move here is what Zach said Letter potential shareholders as part of Facebook's IPO S-1

We hope to reconnect the dissemination and use of information we believe that a more open and connected world will help build a stronger economy real companies build better products and services.

Promotion starts for Microsoft Halo 4 combat tour

Microsoft has announced that Halo Combat tourism promotion as part of its incentive scheme as part of the Xbox Live. According to Euro gamer Microsoft will reward play Microsoft Halo 4 points. November at different levels requiring 140 hours playing Halo 4 incentives to top-level which is equivalent to more than six hours daily playing top reward is 600 Microsoft Points roughly converted to RS 410. reward other two levels requires 70 hours of playback and other needs 35 hours of playback 70 hours and a net profit of 300 Microsoft Points and play 35 hours so that you get 100 Microsoft Points.

The other part of the promotion of rewards related products you purchase on the Xbox Live Arcade Halo. Buy 1500 Microsoft Points value will reward you 100 Microsoft Points and spend 3000 Microsoft Points will give you 200 Microsoft Points. The offer applies only to the first-come first-come-first-served basis Microsoft only to a maximum of 10 million Microsoft Points.

Release Halo 4 earlier this month. 343 Industrial faint marks a new dawn game series Development Center re claimer City Master Chief because he faces an ancient evil and deadly a class of new technologically advanced enemy - Prometheus. Master Chief's emotional journey filled with personal demons and he has ever faced the most serious challenge. Halo 4 has a darker more personal story re-introduced the iconic hero a real human character the player in a sci-fi voyage will span the next decade of Halo games in a three-part composition trilogy.

Anshu Ministry of Railways Interactive Entertainment Business Microsoft India said We are very pleased to launch the next version of the halo - game on the history of the entertainment industry and influenced a whole generation in the launch of Halo 4 Enterprise Group led players return around the Master Chief and players will revel in the final battle of the story and the game has a lot of expectations. allow the Halo fever! Also indians can use Justdial Chennai for the local search.

Halo 4 also introduces game download Spartan action mode. In this mode the attack by up to four players can play at the same time around the Spartan soldiers on board the United Nations Security Council Infinity and their struggle with Prometheus. These events divided into chapters will be available for free download every week.

Halo game franchise is exclusive to the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system Xbox Live online entertainment network. So far has sold more than 46 million copies of Halo games the world more than 500 million hours of game driving people to connect to Xbox Live.

16GB Nexus 7 for Rs 19999 in India

16GB version Nexus7 Google's first own-brand tablet PC transfer Chroma Rs. 19,999 price tag. Asus Tablet PC is manufactured in cooperation.

First introduced earlier this year at Google I / O event Google Nexus7 8GB and 16GB of storage capacity. The 8GB model is priced at $ 199 while the 16GB model is equipped with a $ 249 price tag. Considering the conversion rate of the rupee the 8GB model the movement of about Rs 11300 price tag while the 16GB variant will cost about Rs 14200. To order the 16GB Nexus7 please click here.

Retailers offer free shipping delivery time is up to 7 working days. Tablet PC can also be used to buy EMI option. This makes it easier for most consumers buy the tablet.

19999 rupees price tag is steep compared to overseas pricing 8GB version has recently been eliminated. Therefore the 16GB model based version. Google recently announced a 32GB variant cellular version. Up to now only the 16GB Wi - Fi only version is available for purchase and there is no other real estate recently announced equipment have been put into.

Google I / O event held in June the brand opened a veil its first Google-branded tablet computer Nexus 7. Critical to the success of the Tablet PC to talk about the price has been going on ever since. Google increased by the combination of a lot of high-end hardware and prices dropped to the lowest priced at $ 199 (8GB) basic model. Use yellow pages india to find the nearest shops.

Specifications Google's Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) has said the last year Nexus7 is a high quality Tablet PC Google has delivered on all counts. This model is equipped with a 7-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and a 1.3GHz four core Tegra3 of chips. It has 1GB of RAM which should be capable of matching the best in the business. The tablet should be the joy of the game players Google has been touted that it is for the brand to add a 12-core NVIDIA GeForce ® (the fine depending ™) GPU (graphics processor) as well as in this serious game equipment.

Google Nexus tablet PCs including Wi-Fi wireless A / B / G / N Bluetooth NFC functionality on connectivity options. The tablet is also equipped with pre-installed Google Wallet. Cameras featured here this does not come as a surprise Google has just increased by only a front-facing camera can be used to make video calls but the interesting thing is this camera can shoot high-definition 720p video.

When its size this 7-inch tablet size is 198.5 × 120 x 10.5 mm and weighs 340 grams.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Showcase of Aakash tablet at UN to India on November 28

Indian government's ambitious ultra low cost Aakash Tablet PC will be on display at the United Nations (UN). Message by India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations the United Nations Hardeep Singh Puri he also revealed that the government introduced the highly anticipated equipment will be held on November 28 in the world organization's headquarters. United Nations Secretary General Ban Kimoon Tuli Data Wind CEO Sunit Singh will also attend the event.

Aakash has been described as the most competitively priced tablet computer by an Indian origin entrepreneur Puri said at a news conference to highlight the Council's monthly agenda under India's presidency. According to the official the device would be called “frugal innovation” in UN terminology and it is a “competitively priced innovation”.

The Aakash is one of the major projects for the Indian government. The ultra low cost tablet is aimed at bridging the digital divide in the country. Unveiled in October 2011 the Aakash tablet ran into a spate of controversies even before it could reach the hands of the students and general public.
The launch of the device has been delayed time and again. Union minister Kapil Sibal recently said that the device would be available to students from November.

The government will be coming out with an advanced version of the original Aakash tablet dubbed as the Aakash 2. The new Aakash has better features such as improved processor and longer battery back up (1GHz processor four hour battery time capacitive screen and Android 4.0 operating system.) For more on the Aakash tablet check this out on yellow pages.

Fujifilm launching HS30EXR for Rs 26,999 in India

Fujifilm has recently launched the HS30EXR in India this brand new model bridges with the camera high zoom capability and super macro mode queuing.

Fujifilm said it is a complete set of features including sensor and processor high speed shooting functions film simulation mode high contrast 3.0inch large LCD screen EXR technology backward the price of the advanced shooting mode Fujifilm products in India of 26999 rupees.

Fujifilm 1cm super macro features the Fine Pix HS30EXR the camera can capture a lot of the details of the subject. From wide angle 24 mm to 30 times telephoto Fujifilm non lens with optical quality throughout the zoom range.

In addition the intelligent digital zoom control function (Fn) button provides 60 times magnification occasions even when the user needs to telephoto pull in distant Details. This zoom function allows the photographer to be able to handle almost any type of subject matter from landscapes to exquisite detail wildlife.

Fujifilm said full HD movie capture at 30 frames per second 1080p HS30EXR also has some important improvements from their predecessors. It allows the user to manually focus more creative when shooting a movie focusing effect. If you have business to list then you can add free business listing here.

When it comes to still images for face detection technology and the auto tracking AF Face Tracking Focus combine to create. It is used to capture the movement of the target.

HS range common feature rich and the expectations of those photographers who do not want to the ability of the lens digital SLR camera but is still keen on their total image control. HS30EXR Fujifilm camera quasi professional / bridge class executive vice president sales and marketing Fujitsu India.

Here is a quick look at some of the highlighted features Fujifilm HS30EXR:
  • 16 mega pixel EXR CMOS sensor
  • 30 times Fujifilm non optical zoom lens the focal length range of 24720mm
  • 1 cm super macro mode
  • RAW + JPEG shooting mode
  • ISO 12800
  • Image stabilization (CMOS Shift + High Sensitivity)
  • High resolution electronic viewfinder
  • 16 million pixels and 800 million pixels 11 fps continuous shooting 8FPS
  • 320 fps high speed movie shooting
  • Simple network to upload pictures on Facebook and YouTube
In early September after the company announced that the highly acclaimed XPRO1 Fujifilm Introduces the XE1 the brand interchangeable lens camera. The highlighted function is the main XE1 which is in the portable form and has a fast AF speed. Fujifilm XE1 comes with a 16megapixel APSC X trans CMOS sensor with an OLED electronic viewfinder built in flash and X Fujifilm non XF lenses range installed a smaller agency.

3 out of 4 smartphones found Google's Android software

The gap is widening between the function of every four smart phone sales in the third quarter Google's Android mobile operating system. Google and Apple phone according to a new study reports.
Android-based smart phone shipments in the third quarter by Samsung, HTC and other manufacturers out almost doubled to reach 136 million units according to industry research firm IDC data. Strong Sales to promote the the Android global smart phone market share to 75% from 57.5% in the same period last year.

In the third quarter Apple's market share rose to 14.9% from 13.8% in the same period last year. Apple's iPhone uses the company's iOS mobile software.

Android ahead of Apple's iOS continue to boost its revenue mainly to the expense of competitors operating system Blackberry and Symbian handset shipments decreased significantly to run these systems.

IDC analyst Kevin Restivo said Google Android closure tie plug a wide range of online services including online search and map as an important asset to help the growth of Android. Mobile industries in Justdial Pune has come up with the good local search.

Google has a thriving multi-faceted product portfolio many of its competitors tying with weaker mobile operating system Restivo said in IDC's report which is released on Thursday.

Google Android operating system free to handset manufacturers mainly money from online advertising when consumers access their services equipment.

Research in Motion's Blackberry operating system market share of 7.7% in the third quarter compared with 9.5% in the same period last year.

In the third quarter Saipan which has a market share of 14.6% a year ago a 4.1% market share. The smart phone maker Nokia's Symbian software still provides some of their phones but the company has shifted dramatically to the Microsoft software.

In the third quarter the smart phone market for the mobile version of the Microsoft software accounted for 3.6%. However IDC said that the recent launch of the new Microsoft mobile operating system is able to improve its position in the fast-growing market.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Apple released iOS 6.0.1 air update tool

Apple has launched the first bug fix update to iOS6 released in mid-September because the software.
Version 6.0.1 which went this morning as a free update fixes some errors including the Apple iPhone 5 users from the installation in the air software update. Apple repair including the installation of a special iOS update application in order to facilitate this process which is from 6.0.1 installed equipment.

The update also includes a fix for a nasty foreign exchange error you can delete a meeting all invited participants if a user refuses the invitation. This problem can be so bad that some businesses to invest in specific solutions warned that declining the invitation and the use of a computer rather than device with iOS6.

Here is the complete change log:
  • Fixed a bug that prevent the installation of software updates iPhone5 wireless in the air
  • Fixed an error horizontal lines may be displayed on the keyboard
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the camera flash off
  • When connected to the encryption of WPA2 Wi-Fi network to improve the reliability of the iPhone and iPod Touch (fifth generation)
  • Solve a problem in some cases the use of a cellular network to prevent the iPhone from
  • Integrated cellular data converter iTunes match
  • Passbook through correct mistakes and sometimes are allowed to access information from the lock screen password lock
  • Fixed a bug affecting exchange

The boy genius report on the end of the report shows that Apple iOS6.0.1 testing phase all the above amendment mentioned that the company is also a function of a more comprehensive release 6.1 work after the holidays are over. try Justdial Mumbai for the local search and get latest Apple phones in nearby shops.

Apple released iOS5.0.1 spend a small under as a frame of reference released after iOS 5 last October. Major bug and security fixes release brings added multitasking gestures the original iPad users. Jump to iOS5.1 redesigned camera application on the iPad to increase the size limit of the AIR application download to about four months later.

According the Apple iOS6 added: iOS 5 to more than 200 new features. The most important of which is Apple's own map application change Siri add more information watch movies restaurants and sports scores as well as the depth of integration with Facebook.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

MIni iPad, iPad, iPod touch: What iOS device you should buy it?

Apple has released a new iOS devices a ton of festivals: less than four new products covering the entire range of sizes and uses. Connect other devices are still selling Apple's fourth-generation iPod Touch the fourth generation of the iPad 2 iPhone 4 and iPhone the fifth-generation iPod Touch iPhone 5 Retina display iPad and of course the iPad mini: 4S shop.
Confusion right? The purpose of my article (and your sanity) restrictions Buying Guide analysis of the non-phone iOS gadget: iPod and iPad. It uses a 3.5-inch touchscreen and a 9.7-inch iPad there is a huge gap. Now there is a spectrum: 4 inches 7.9 inches 9.7 inches.

iPad mini
Starting price: $ 329 16GB the storage (Wi-Fi) $ 130 additional LTE cellular
Advantages: a sweet spot size Kindle similar portability is fully compatible with the iPad and iPhone application good battery life and the price is quite low (Apple).
Disadvantages: This is not the only new iOS devices Retina Display it is not updated with the fastest speed the greater the iPad.
Who should buy it? Anyone who wants to save money obviously because it costs less than the fourth generation of the iPad. If you do not mind not having a retina display technology or are considering the second the iPad ... or if you have children or if you are a heavy public transport commuting iPad mini is a very attractive pick.
Storage: 16GB should be for many people unless you plan to store a lot of games graphic novels / textbooks or video.

The fourth generation of the iPad
Starting price: 499 yuan 16GB storage (Wi-Fi) $ 130 additional LTE cellular
Advantages: amazing speed beautiful retina display technology impressive game graphics.
Disadvantages: heavier; big (relatively speaking) not much different from last year's iPad.
Who should buy it? If you've never owned an iPad before the fourth generation is a perfect third-generation version from March. This is an excellent portable computing devices read / watch the Tablet PC game consoles and multi-purpose tool. However if you have a third-generation iPad which is not worth the upgrade unless your cash. in India people use indian business directory to find the best shop for shopping.
Recommended storage: Due to the size of many high-definition video and games with 32GB or larger.

The fifth generation iPod touch
Starting price: $ 299 32GB storage (Wi-Fi) no phone choice
Advantages: solid match 4-inch Retina Display iPhone 5 camera with LED flash good battery life the general iPhone-like features minus the phone 32GB of storage capacity which is incredibly thin small.
Disadvantages: not as fast as the iPhone 5 the lack of a cell.
Who should buy it? The iPod Touch is indeed a phone iPhone. So iPhone users really need not apply. This is for music lovers who like ultra-portable device those who value more storage space the larger screen like the iPad mini money those who want the cheapest new iOS device period. It can be used in an emergency e-reader and Web browser but it's not comfortable or versatile as an iPad.
Recommended storage: 32GB version of the fifth-generation should be based on good music and games / video. If you use it as a video camera and 64GB.

New Yorkers ready for Sandy challenges

New York City's subway system paralyzed to Sandy a heavy blow to the millions of passengers to rethink how they will work week they're one step at a time. The storm killed 23 people in New York closed roads bridges flooded tunnels garages railway yard off the brine of the nation's largest mass transit system which is corrosive the electrical system. 

New York City's subway system is 108 years old but never met we have experienced the devastation of last night Joseph Lhota chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority on Tuesday said in a statement. Later he said the water is literally to the ceiling the train station in downtown Manhattan's South Pier. The subway service may be four to five days said New York City Mayor Michael Bloom berg as the authority to check the entire system of salt water damage. Tuesday night Lhota issued a statement saying that the agency will be able to discuss the system restart (Wednesday) last month in mid-day timetable.

This may prompt a large number of New York sports shoes laces. Some people say they do not mind.
You can not go three to four days unpaid leave Anthony Perrone said: On Wall Street a 31-year-old consultant he said he planned a one-hour and 15-minute walk to work.  Here in India its a storm Nilam has strike and does destruction where people can use Justdial Hyderabad for the local help. He said he was annoyed but he pointed out that other people suffered more. His brother live in the seaside near Howard Beach lost two cars floods Perrone said. I have nothing to complain about he said. Tunnels and elevated tracks of the subway system on Tuesday as the city slowly and gingerly hand gingerly back to life the staff assessed the damage. Recovery system is likely to be a gradual process MTA spokesman said Deirdre Parker.

Running in the 7 subway tunnel under the East River from Manhattan Queens and Brooklyn in the water Parker said. It's really hard to say which areas will come back first she said and it may be a limited subway and bus services combined. This will gradually come back. City bus last Tuesday resumed limited service and a full range of services will return last Wednesday said Bloom berg's news conference. The city is counting an average of 5.3 million passengers each weekday. The system which runs around the clock including 21 subway routes and 468 stations across 660 miles (1062 km) orbit.

In order to alleviate some of the burden Bloom berg signed an executive order that allows to pick up a number of passengers including passenger taxi. Uniforms taxi restrictions be relaxed to allow non-metering non-yellow car pick up people on the street anywhere in the city. Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and the Queens Midtown Tunnel is still closed due to floods. MTA spokesman said the damage assessment can not until the flood waters recede. MTA Metro-North railway outskirts of the Hudson and New Haven losing momentum by the flood in the the East Yangtze River Tunnel Long Island Rail Road the agency said.

PATH commuter train in New Jersey New York City connecting New Jersey is likely to continue to be suspended at least a week to 10 days said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Chris Christie). He said passengers should rely more on the ferry and driving. However along with telecommunications disruption cell phone and phone the day after the storm is still causing uneven coverage the number of New Yorkers are more worried about their commuting with their family. I'm all the way downtown I do not even care to be honest said: Brandon - Brown 30 years old live in Midtown Manhattan and engineering financial services company in the human resource management department. I am most concerned about is my family I do not worry about work or from work.

Cyclone Nilam in Tamil Nadu, Andhra leave 11 people dead

Nilam is over the disastrous hurricane of the northern coast of Tamil Nadu capital Chennai Wednesday night Mamallapuram Tamil Nadu and Kalpakkam hit Andhra Pradesh costs killed 11 people and caused some serious damage to property.

The whirlwind so far has resulted in eight live in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

A state of confusion constant rain throughout the night throwing normal life in coastal Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh causing flooding in several parts.

The cyclone also push Prathiba's the Kavery boat from Mumbai to the beach near the Elliots shore. 37 people stranded on the boat but later rescued.

Land were destroyed in the cyclone hit more than 200 electric posts in different places. Relief and rescue teams have been deployed to the southern states across the country to combat the storm caused damage.

Destruction of property is yet to be assessed but it may not hurt the cause of Cyclone Tana in December last year a similar state officials said.

Storm crossed the coast 16:00 PM strong winds will continue for another six hours Thursday morning everything will calm down YEA Raj Deputy Director General India Meteorological Department (IMD) told IANS. People using mumbai business directory to find the nearest help points.

However the Tamil Nadu government has declared a holiday in the coastal areas Thursday schools and colleges.

We are experiencing strong winds and heavy rain we have not received any complaints from the loss of life or damage to property a police officer told IANS by phone at Kalpakkam.

The Chennai Company has made ​​arrangements to immediately remove fallen trees.

Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa review precautions should be taken at the rescue center in the storm and at the same time ordering enough stock essential items.

Revenue relief and rehabilitation Raghuveera Reddy who reviewed the case of officials on Wednesday night in Hyderabad the Minister said that the country is not facing any significant threats.

Interruption of power supply villages of 16 mandals in Nellore district due to strong winds. The heavy rains lashed Nellore at Prakasam Guntur and Chittoor District.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Android 4.2 Brings Jelly Bean Experience

The new Google Nexus devices on Monday announced that all ships running Android 4.2 a new flavor of jelly beans.

Jelly beans Android 4.1 released at the Google I / O back in June has been slowly but surely until new and existing equipment. One of the iconic features of jelly beans the Google Project butter - which brought a more responsive and smooth user experience to the device.

Android 4.2 Google offers a new name - on the contrary it is the perfect jelly beans further.
Here are some users can look forward to the new features of Android 4.2:

New photo ball camera - to panorama mode Apple launched iOS 6 is similar to Google introduced what it called photographs jelly beans in 4.2. Sphere of influence is shared and can be added to Google Maps.

The gestures typing - Google has radically improved the keyboard in Android 4.2 stock Swift Key input method. Like Swift Key the user simply sliding the finger more letters rather than one by one input.
I'm an iPhone user but when I use the Android device I always Swift Key because it makes me faster typist install. Android this function of the stock part of the experience was awesome.

Multi-user - the piece is not just personal devices - they often shared between family members. The problem is that everyone may have their own choice of applications e-mail accounts and other settings. Multiple user configuration file OS Android 4.2 Google. Support multi-user will only apply to Android Tablet PC.

TVB - Google is making to support Air Play wireless video allowing users to push content from the phone or tablet on television. Sadly Google does not use the DLNA rather than to require the user to purchase a wireless display adapter. Another difference is that the content will be mirrored to another device rather than as a secondary screen display.

The daydreaming - Google Android user-defined screen display will allow the device is docked or idle. This means that it can display photos or display a message. I used to go yellow pages mumbai for the local search.

Scalable notification - Android notifications clearly the inspiration Apple launched iOS 5 Notification Center. The turnaround is fair competition because Google is taking some cues from iOS 6 notice of the new operational. Android 4.2 will use the new notification shade and allows the user to take action directly from the shadow.

We do not know more about Android 4.2 test hardware until we get it - but the improvements look great.

What is in the name

I think this is to say Google does not change the name for the Android 4.2. It is still jelly beans jelly beans just a more refined version. This is the best indicator but Android as a platform stabilized.

This does not mean that the pace of innovation is slowing - but it does mean that the Android team pay more attention to improve the core functions rather than simply the introduction of something more.

Android 4.1 is the first version of the operating system I feel really complete. For 4.2 it looks like Google's focus is in Poland and the finish line. This can only lead to better overall equipment and application experience.

Android 4.2 which most you excited about it? Let us know in the comments.

The amazing Indian Grand Prix

If you love cars and speed indulge in start then you are likely to go to the 2012 Grand Prix of India in New Delhi in October this year will be held. The audience can enjoy the activities from October 28 when the practice round of the Greater Noida 5.14 kilometers Buddha International Circuit.

In the Australian Grand Prix this season began March 18 and will end in Brazil on November 25. India 2012 the GP will be the 17th of 20 championship.

Macau Grand Prix racing this year more than 20 games - a season in the sport's history the majority of the game. The 2012 season broke a number of records - current and former world drivers' championship - Sebastian Vettel Jenson Button Lewis Hamilton Kimi Raikkonen Fernando Alonso and Michael - Michael Schumacher - season began breaking the record of five established in 1970.
Here are some of the facts relating to circuit what else to do during your stay in New Delhi and recommendations. If you are looking for nearest hotels or restaurants then check out yellow pages delhi.

Buddh International Grand Prix track

Buddh International Circuit the annual Formula One Indian Grand Prix held in 2011 the venue.
5.14 km long has been designed by the world-renowned German architect and racetrack designer Hull Manticore Erke who also designed the world-class track in Malaysia Bahrain China Turkey United Arab Emirates South Korea and the United States.
The circuit is located in an area of ​​874 acres.
Any circuit second fastest average speed Monza behind the calendar.
It can accommodate about 11 million viewers.
Repair station is one of F1's longest at over 600 meters.
Buddh International Circuit is selected as the track is located is called Gautam Budh Nightingale.
Go to circuit
Greater Noida location at a distance of 25 km from New Delhi to which it is connected the flyover and newly developed six-lane highway. New Delhi master in less than an hour's drive from Greater Noida.
When you are in New Delhi

While you are in Delhi you can here a few things:

Visit Red Fort (Red Fort) built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan a 17th-century fortress complex. In 2007 it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
India the Presidential Palace the residence of the President of India. It was built by the British they leave India.
Pick up trinkets and antiques the pavement shops JANPATH market.
Check out the Qutab Minar. 72.5 meters it is the tallest skyscraper in the world when completed. It took three generations to complete the tower (1193-1368).
Climb in the Jama Masjid India's largest mosque the minaret.
Karim legendary to enjoy succulent kebab restaurant in Chandni Chowk or try some fiery Kerala cuisine gunpowder.
Explore the intricate the bylanes Hao Zi Hasi its eclectic atmosphere crumbling monuments and hip boutiques bookstores art and antique shops and restaurants.
Browse Yodakin stock bookstores independent publishers.
Pick up vegetables dye T-shirt or notebook computer sets in the People Tree.
Visit the Taj Mahal in Agra. It takes less than two hours developed by India's fastest train Bhopal Shatabdi.

Skyfall - Sarah Morgan's review

First of all if you have not seen the film and going to the past do not look at this introduction. I want to say is that if you are a fan of the first two Daniel Craig Bond (Daniel Craig) and like the direction of the restart a damn good chance that you will actively hate Skyfall. If you like the Roger Moore Bonds but the bonds that era gadgets and cunning conspiracy nonsense is a great hole then you might like this movie. I do not know.

Spoilers if you continue to read if you have not already seen it will destroy the movie ... No you can not predict this swelling foreseeable nonsense off.

I need to get it now I'm a fan of the first two Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) Bond movie. Casino Royale In fact for me is the best Bond movie. Period. There is no doubt Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) bonds is the most in-depth and credible they all. I worried when he was appointed as the new bonds and not because I do not like him as an actor because I do but because I do not know what the hell they going to do to bond. Bonds went to a ball in the absurdity of the end of the Brosnan era layout and flashy so many people think that bonds are dead and will remain so. Then I saw Casino Royale Jason Bourne in those few days after the speech of the modern world. This is gritty but still witty it is emotional and suave James Bond moment it is still intact other movie franchise can only hope to emulate. It hit the perfect balance. In fact Quantum of Solace continues the story arc is to me a bit of a shock but in fact I think it is an interesting Bond films deviation. Real quantum crisis is not the best movie sometimes too bloated lost its way it seems a bit too dark which is good ... but it still bonds is credible and above all damage defects therefore interesting.

Therefore the role of the first title before my attention Skyfall go credits. Literally 60 seconds into the film a facepalm moment. We learn from a laptop hard drive was stolen British surgery is tired of wearing the old chestnut again ... no this is not in London the United Kingdom or any other place ... but was held in Istanbul. OK fair enough but the hard drive is very important because it contains the name of the United Kingdom and the United States intelligence officers embedded in terrorist organizations around the world the whole idea seems completely ING crazy. The fact is that as in the previous two Daniel Craig Bond (Daniel Craig) movie depicts various secret service agencies in charge of running clothes may be playing catch up but always in the ball. A hard drive top-secret information information MI6 is impossible that the whereabouts of the CIA agents like cringe worthy excessive use is established. Sam Mendes (Sam Mendes) Excuse me sir are you kidding? I believe that the loss of a laptop on the tube some of MI5's stupid sort of nonsense actual situation. However the intelligence agencies where information in a foreign land in a laptop? Sorry but no. Why is it? The reason is that it? This is never explained in the movie we are just expected to swallow this grandstanding itself completely fuck does not make sense in any way you learn movies creaking! I generally use local search to find the nearest movie theaters.

Why? Well we learned the bad guy a very incredible camp Javier Barden who should do the best work he can with a terrible script and terrible ideas they to his character in fact is a super-smart totally awesome hacker. Who can really scored the MI6 up. So in the end why he did not just steal information immediately incompetent Junqingliuchu server? Ah Mr. Mendes? Maybe is unfair accusations Mendes God terrible mistakes internal consistency maybe I should be in this rude one stresses that the goal of the script writers of the story is my anger. Therefore John Logan Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who wrote the script of the creative team that this meaningless efforts are worth it? Or less than its own set of defects? I do not know. However it does serve to set up it can be said that in the best moment of the movie no not Adele signed the theme out of tune but a car / bike chase through Istanbul is actually a piece of classic Bond merger Daniel · Craig modern Bond brilliant if more than the best results. However even if this is too damn long Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) we get the top of a the following HDD thief train traveling. I must honestly say that on this point I expected the train to jump the shark-infested rivers while men with jetpacks bonds laser shooting.

Vatican has apparently caused a the Skyfall frenzy of wind it even through its official L 'Osservatore Romano published opinions. 23th James Bond picture and even captured a rare review calling it the best in the 50 yearsone of L 'Osservatore Romano Skyfall green light is a great change of publications of which only 15000 print circulation and its influence is far much higher however when its editorials reflect the policy of the Vatican is spilled in the paperand websites around the world. Skyfall L 'Osservatore Romano published five articles according to Reuters.

document states that its main article 007 permits cry the latest installation of the British super little clichéwork and more user-friendly and can be moved to tears: a word more real. In another article comparing descent Bond actor Sean Connery to Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) Craig told the newspaper he was very different from his predecessors but pointed out that Connery is a reference point. well-known Catholic Church condemned Federico Fellini's classic La Dolce Vita when it first appeared in 1960 by L 'Osservatore Romano watch a scene in the movie an imitation of Christ's second coming which is subject to extensive review including until after the death of dictator Francisco Franco in Spain in 1975 a total ban on.

Tamil Nadu and Andhra staring at the baby Sandy

The Bengal cyclone maximum wind speed of 100 kmph bay but a dwarf compared rampant in the northeastern United States today it may be made Tamil Nadu Wednesday night superstorm Sandy.

Nilam Hotel the cyclone will bring strong winds heavy rainfall storm surges waves up to one meter above normal tide level in its landing diffuse low-lying coastal areas meteorologists said today.
Predict the cyclones future trajectory it will hit the coast between Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu and Nellore in Andhra Pradesh India Meteorological Department said.

Indian and foreign meteorological agency has assigned independent simulated landing the probability of the highest in Chennai Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram Thiruvallur District.

We expect to damaged thatched hutments trees and crops electricity and telephone lines interrupt Mrutyunjaya Mahapatra head of the cyclone division of the India Meteorological Department said.
IMD said the wind in the next 12 hours the wind speed up to 65 kmph prevail along the northern Tamil Nadu and adjoining south Andhra Pradesh and wind speed will increase cyclone looms closer and the Coast.

We are asking the fishermen have been back in the land of maritime navigation into the sea Mahapatra said. The IMD predicted very rough close Pondicherry northern Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in southern sea in the next 48 hours.

IMD scientists will meet officials of the Chennai airport tomorrow morning to make a decision whether or not to close the Chennai airport.

This decision will depend on and we look forward to tomorrow night along the approach roads and the runway on the downwind and crosswind Director of aeronautical meteorological offices in Chennai told the Daily Telegraph.

Suresh said commercial aircraft there are a lot of limitations so that they be able to speed downwind and crosswind.

Depression intensifies into a deep depression in the atmospheric environment in the south of the Bay of Bengal on Monday and evolved into a cyclone storm center laid today evening about 450 kilometers south-southeast of Chennai and 130 km north-northeast of the pavilion may be Mali Sri Lanka. It is moving north - northwest direction we expect the Day (Wednesday) night a senior IMD scientists said.
The scientists said landing in severe cyclones in the North Atlantic near Atlantic City New Jersey Sandy Nilam Hotel is a dwarf about 530 points Beijing time today extended to hurricane wind speed of 250 km from the center of the storm. people need to look out for the needed things which can be found by using yellow pages chennai and yellow pages bangalore.

Nilam is the most serious wind is expected to stretch only about 120-130 kilometers Eye of the Storm a senior IMD scientists said. The size of the cyclone caused by many factors one of which is a water basin cyclones in the Atlantic and the Pacific often than those in the Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea the scientists said.

IMD said it had alerted the airport and state organs as well as the issue of cyclone communique will continue to alert each three-hour whirlwind.

8 northern Indian Ocean Rim countries selected in the name of the North Indian Ocean cyclone - Nilam is the name of the hotel from the roster from a predefined order eight of which Pakistan.

Monday, 29 October 2012

U.S. parentheses up "Frankenstorm" Obama announced emergency

Millions of Americans in nine countries in order to meet the impact of the potentially devastating hurricane Sandy a massive storm menacing the East Coast.

Sandy hurricane forced tens of thousands to seek higher ground to stop public transport and shut down schools businesses and government departments.

U.S. President Barack Obama's declaration of a national state of emergency in the state capital Maryland Massachusetts and New York to return to Washington changed his campaign plans to monitor the situation from his leadership the White House.

Nine states have declared emergencies and U.S. President Barack Obama warned that the country and the nation to brace itself.

This is a serious storm Obama said at a conference in Washington the federal government's Storm Response. We do not know where to play where we're going to see the biggest impact.

To about 50 people from the Mid-Atlantic Canada the storm path forecast said this may be the largest ever to hit the U.S. mainland. Is expected in the next few days fallen trees buildings damaged causing widespread power outages.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said on Monday the first class to strengthen the storm as it turned back to the coast and 15 miles (24 km). Expected to bring life-threatening storm surge coastal hurricanes heavy snow in the Appalachians the National Hurricane Center said.

Why is it called Frankenstorm?

The weather forecast said when it moved inland Sandy in the Caribbean 66 people were killed and brought in the coastal areas of high altitude and snow lashing rain cause extensive flooding.

Sandy package punch Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 from its eyes it winds extend about 520 miles (835 kilometers) meteorologists said.

Ordered the closure of the transportation system in New York and other cities and towns schools and the mass evacuation of low-lying areas storm surges can reach 11 feet (3.4 meters) high.

Forecasters said Sandy is a rare mix of super-storm Arctic Rapids wrapped himself around the tropical storm and may result in up to 12 inches (30 centimeters) of rainfall in some areas and up to three feet (90 cm) of snowfall in the Appalachians from West Virginia Kentucky. Here in India people use Justdial Ahmedabad for the local search to find the business nearby.

Worried residents in the path of the hurricane packing shop to find the expected power outages generators flashlights batteries food and other supplies. Nearly 284000 residential properties valued at $ 8.8 billion U.S. dollars of damage risk risk Core Logic analyst said.

Transportation mill stopped down with airlines to cancel flights shut down bridges and tunnels and Amtrak canceled all rail passenger services on the East Coast. The federal government in Washington DC said non-emergency personnel to stay at home.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered the evacuation of about 375000 people from low-lying areas of the city from the high-end Manhattan waterfront housing project under the city's outer boroughs.

Hurricane Sandy derailment the U.S. presidential election

Due to hurricane Sandy roared up the East Coast in the United States President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney changed their program of activities in the Nov. 6 general election before the final sprint.

Just eight days before the account is one of the most rigorous race for the White House Obama scrapped his plan campaigning in Ohio on Monday but back to Washington to monitor nearly Frankenstorm.

On Saturday the Obama campaign has canceled another Monday in Virginia as well as in Colorado on Tuesday morning.

Romney also canceled Sunday the storm path the plans of the campaigning in Virginia and joined his running mate Paul Ryan an event in Ohio.

Monday in Ohio Iowa and Wisconsin Republican scheduled activities Ohio (Tuesday). A Romney campaigning in New Hampshire is scheduled for Tuesday was canceled Sunday afternoon announced in an e-mail activity CNN reported.

On Sunday from both politicians say this is the White House is still too early to tell turmoil will affect the game but access to the polling centers will be the impact of a storm if it continues until the election day.

Pressure in the east coast of the United States by the huge hurricane Sand

Tens of millions of people along the waist of the U.S. East Coast on Sunday Sandy a huge storm forecast hurricanes in densely populated areas beaten by the wind the risk of flooding and even snow.
Sandy is expected to come ashore on Monday night a heavy blow in the target areas of the major cities including New York Philadelphia Washington Baltimore Boston. Its center is expected to be made to New York - New Jersey area and then move inland to the rest of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. The storm's sheer size means that its impact will be felt from the mid-Atlantic states to New England. The officials warned that large blackouts could last for several days. In New York City subway bus and train services will be suspended on Sunday evening 375000 people were ordered to evacuate low-lying areas.

President Obama to speak at a conference in Washington the federal government's Storm Response call Sandy severe storm and asked residents to obey the command of the national and local authorities to protect themselves against its impact. This is a very very large systems the U.S. National Hurricane Center Director Rick · Knabb said. Storm carved a fairly large inclement weather the water the wind. The financial turmoil may be the nerve center of the country to a standstill the major Wall Street exchanges said they plan to remain open on Monday because they have other facilities that they can use. Justdial Bangalore is basically used to find the nearest businesses with the reviews and ratings.

Worried residents in the path of the hurricane packing shop to find the expected power outages generators flashlights batteries food and other supplies. On Monday the New York City schools will be closed. Other local government also announced the closure of schools. Gale-force winds have begun to buffet Sunday night to reach other parts of Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic coast. Millions of people will feel it roar as long as two days Knabb said. Forecasters said Sandy is a rare mix of super-storm Arctic Rapids wrapped himself around the tropical storm and may result in up to 12 inches (30 centimeters) of rainfall in some areas and up to two feet (60 cm) of snowfall in the Appalachians from West Virginia Kentucky. This may be the biggest storm to hit the United States according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website.

New Jersey casinos were ordered to shut down and government officials decided to close as early as Monday's bus and rail system. Other state governors in National Guard troops on high alert. We're just asking people to be patient and prepare a long but we have a very positive power recovery plan in place I think we are ready Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell told the CNN program State of the Union.
In Washington Obama said officials assured him that they put all the resources they need he stressed: It is important that we are able to deal with large fast response hurricane impact. We will cut through red tape and said: We do not intend to fall into a lot of rules Obama who juggle both re-election campaign his efforts to stay in the top of the storm's impact on Election Day Only nine days. Sandy blew the closure process of the presidential campaign forcing Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney canceled scheduled campaign stop. Before it aroused a storm of fear could undermine the Nov. 6 general election early voting.

The American Stock Exchange and Wall Street banks to send employees to enter Manhattan on Sunday to stay in the hotel and colleagues at home the office hours (Monday) Sandy brought public transport to a standstill as the market opens. The insurance company is also preparing the arrival of the storm activated claims team sub-regulation near the location of the most likely to be affected and generally ready to be a potentially huge loss. Sandy 75 miles (120 km) winds and not overwhelming hurricane its width is of the wind will last as long as two days wearing the felling of trees roofs construction and piling rainfall and storm surge. The hurricane's strong winds extending 175 miles (280 km) from the center of the storm asymmetric while its smaller tropical storms strong winds a diameter of up to 850 miles (1368 km).

This is huge said: Hurricane Center Chris Landsea science and Chief Operating Officer. At high tide it can bring a surge of sea water up to 11 feet (3.4 meters) above ground level the Long Island Sound and New York Harbor forecasters said. With large-scale wind farm in Sandy the water level rises may span more than one tidal cycle resulting in repeated and long-term coastal and Bayside flood forecasters said. Sandy center about 250 miles (400 km) southeast of Cape Hatteras North Carolina or 575 miles (930 kilometers) south of New York City at noon on Sunday the hurricane center said. Promote the seawater close the Outer Banks of North Carolina barrier island. It was full of all the villages long-term residents of the Outer Banks island of Catherine O'Neill told Reuters reporters. I would like to say that the foot and two feet of water. Sandy moved over the Atlantic parallel to the coast of the United States 10 miles (17 km) west on Sunday night but is expected to make a tight turn to the coast of the United States. The Sandy killing at least 66 people were killed because it's way through the Caribbean islands including 51 mostly from Haiti flash floods and mudslides according to authorities.

Not selling the "family silver" for Kingfisher - Mallya

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya and did not do a deal with the British drinks giant Diageo will not sell valuable assets to save his ground Kingfisher Airlines Reuters reporter said he last weekend. When it comes to Indian forces in his office in the Formula One team co-owned UB Group head poured contempt for the media reported that he will be forced to sell shares profitable business capital Kingfisher.

This is a media point of view I do I'm not so sure that I lack the business acumen within I would like to sell a huge prosperity successful companies take cash and put it into an airline environment such as India Mallya said: The Grand Prix of India in the south of New Delhi Buddh International Circuit.
My team has the airlines generated enough cash funding we have already done to the airlines we have since April 2012 nearly 1.5 million pounds however this does not mean I have to sell my house The money funded airline. Sometimes i have used yellow pages indore to find the nearest businesses at my cousin's place.

Mallya has been talking to the brands include Johnnie Walker whiskey and Smirnoff vodka manufacturer Diageo sale of shares in his United Spirits Limited. Earlier this weekend he said he was not sure whether he would agree with the London-listed company. I did not do a deal with Diageo in said: Mallya. Next: I did not force any. But having said that I will do what is good myself my family wealth and long-term shareholder value. I have to do it because for each enterprise is a listed company I have the responsibility to the shareholders and the interests of these companies he said.

Sell assets to pay the airlines do not have any plans of this nature. BEST SHOT Kingfisher Airlines Limited the company never profit their license will be revoked the Indian civil aviation authorities last week and did not fly away employees protest since October has been unpaid since March. The cash-strapped carrier said on Friday that it will use its own money to try and get in the air. The day before the staff has agreed to return to work after November 13 the airline said it will pay the overdue wages of three months.

According to the consultant of the Asia-Pacific aviation center Kingfisher Group's total debt of about $ 25 billion. Mallya said that the airline must be handled professionally but he wants to continue to survive. Environment and government policies must also be encouraged to do so he said a cigar in hand. Therefore we will give our best shot and we committed to this. Tycoon he said on Twitter earlier in the week he was relieved to no longer billionaires on the latest Forbes list because it may reduce some envy directed at him defended the company management. He said that Kingfisher plight of many reasons but the taxes and the Government of India has laid much of the blame.

Fuel costs are very high dirty high taxes lack of foreign investment privileges literally - until six weeks ago the Indian aviation space is actually somewhat attractive growth potential so many different factors he explained. The government needs to look at the taxes very seriously. You can not have a 25% average fuel sales tax when crude oil prices hovering about $ 60 or $ 70 a barrel is now well over $ 100 a barrel. Mallya have been looking for a partner airline and said it had hired two investment bankers as part of the search.

We are in with a number of potential investors to engage in dialogue an Indian partner or partners or foreign partners he said. Now you can not possible suture in six weeks trading this is not possible which need more like six months. Everything on the move. Has a lot of moving parts we are trying to build a good solid strong package he said.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Harbhajan Singh replaced by R Ashwin in BCCI's largest contractors list

Off spinner R Ashwin has replaced Harbhajan Singh in the central list of the Class A level - the highest - BCCI 2012-13 contract. Annual retainers for Class A Rs 50 lakh for Grade B and Grade C Rs 25 lakh worth 100 million rupees.

Ashwin who took last year's mantle India test trimming Harbhajan join like Sachin Tendulkar MS Dhoni Virat Kohli and India open Virender Sehwag Gautam Gambhir in the top bracket. Irfan Pathan is also the main beneficiaries of the plan BCCI Class B contract previously neglected in the past two seasons Ishant Sharma was demoted to the level of Class A and Ravindra Jadeja Praveen Kumar from B to C.

Ashwin consolidate him as India's largest 49 wickets was handed a debut after Harbhajan forgotten because fine-tuning in eight tests. Harbhajan dropped after the failure of the West Indies and the United Kingdom in 2011 the tourism impressed by his form in domestic cricket does not encourage. He was known as India's Twenty20 team marks his return with long-haul four-wicket win over England in Sri Lanka's ICC World Twenty20 score.

Irfan 27 years old doing his international comeback after more than two years and since December 2011 India's ODI and Twenty20 teams a feature. During that time he has taken 21 wickets in 13 ODIS and 12 small doors 8 T20S.

Cheteshwar Pujara - Rahul Dravid testing successor - move to B C class as Ajinkya Rahane and Umesh Yadav Saurashtra fast dome Jaydev Unadkat in the C-class have not received a contract. To find the nearest cricket sports club i used to do Justdial Kolkata search which gives me the list.

The Road was named C-level contract it is impressive domestic season he is leading Ranji trophy wicket recipient and India's limited acquisition team to win a recall. To join him in the C-class Tamil Nadu sewing machine Balaji powerful IPL season and returned to India in Sri Lanka's Twenty20 side.

Grade A: Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Zaheer Khan, Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli, R Ashwin.

Grade B: Harbhajan Singh, Ishant Sharma, Pragyan Ojha, Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Irfan Pathan, Umesh Yadav.

Grade C: Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Vinay Kumar, Munaf Patel, Abhimanyu Mithun, Murali Vijay. Shikhar Dhawan, Wriddhiman Saha, Parthiv Patel, Manoj Tiwary, S Badrinath, Piyush Chawla, Dinesh Karthik, Rahul Sharma, Varun Aaron, Abhinav Mukund, Ashok Dinda, Yusuf Pathan, Praveen Kumar, L Balaji.

Windows 8 in the Indian market for Rs 699

Finally the wait is over. Users in India and around the world Microsoft has announced the launch of its latest Windows 8 operating system. Starting today users can access Microsoft's latest operating system a wide range of Windows 8 PC ultrabooks tablet PCs and mixing equipment. Windows 8 will be available in two versions - Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional Edition Retail.

In addition to the purchase of a new Windows 8 devices users can also upgrade existing computers Windows 8. From June 2 2012 to 2013 are eligible to run with Windows XP Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC download Windows 8 Professional Edition the estimated price of Rs. $ 1999. Who wants to buy a DVD upgrade will have to pay Rs. 3499. This offer is valid until January 31 2013. After that the OS is expected to price above Rs. 11000.

Any Windows 7 computer June 2 2012 purchased between January 31 2013 also qualify for the price of the updated Windows 8 Professional Edition is estimated at Rs. The 699 Windows upgrade sale in

For business users Microsoft will offer Windows 8 enterprise it has returned Windows DirectAccess and BranchCache as well as new security features including BitLocker and AppLocker.

Microsoft also announced the launch of the ARM-based tablet PC which will only Windows pre-installed in new equipment RT. This new update has launch in India where Justdial Delhi local search can be used for the shops to buy the latest version. With the launch of Windows 8 Windows Store is open now for consumers to download applications. Indian users can access a range of free and paid applications can be downloaded including the Bharat marriage BigFlix BookMyShow Bookyourtable Burrp Dhingana FASTRACK T-shirt Flyte MP3 Gaana Goibibo of ICICI Bank iMobile ICICIDirect JustEat MakeMyTrip explore my Airtel PVR Cinemas Tarla Dalal Yahoo cricket and Zovi for MapmyIndi ​​a.

As many as 14 including Acer Asus Dell Fujitsu HCL Hewlett-Packard (HP) Lenovo RP Infosystems Limited West Information Systems Samsung Sony Toshiba Wipro and Zenith PC OEM partners will be provided based on Windows 8 in Indian PC and Tablet PC. According to Microsoft more than 250 devices based on Windows 8 including Windows 8 PC 23 brand new SKU 100 cities in India more than 2500 retail stores.

"With the launch of Windows 8 Microsoft launched a reimagined Windows world said:" Mr. President of the Microsoft India Bhaskar Pramanik. Ltd. "Whether you want a Tablet PC or a PC if you want to use or create whether you want to work or play - Windows 8 fit your unique style and needs to provide a personalized experience."

license is still suspended as Kingfisher staff return

Employees on Thursday grounding Kingfisher Airlines Limited unpaid since March agreed to return to work the debt-ridden carriers must also convince the aviation regulator in order to restore its license.
The transaction will appear in this weekend's Formula One racing Delhi Kingfisher chairman Vijay Mallya's Force India team will participate by disgruntled employees in order to avoid potentially embarrassing protests.
Once India's second largest airline Kingfisher employees protest turned violent conflict since October flight. On Saturday after the General Administration of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to suspend its license Kingfisher failed to address its security concerns.
"All employees have agreed to return to work. Their responsibility as we speak we are all in this together and look forward to the airlines in the coming weeks" the CEO of the Sanjay AGGARWAL told reporters after the Delhi Airport staff.
He did not disclose further details it is not clear that the airline will be funds to pay wages.
"Now we will complete our recovery plan and submitted to the Civil Aviation Administration hoping to get their consent" the airline said in a statement.
Kingfishers never profit since its launch in 2005 nearly $ 25 billion of debt according to the Asia-Pacific aviation center estimated. The consultancy firm said it costs in the recent $ 1 billion reversing Kingfisher and no efforts made so far to bring new capital.
SC Mishra said in New Delhi Kingfisher engineer said the airline has agreed to immediately pay the monthly wage the monthly wage of the October 31 the Diwali festival on November 13 June salary December 20 and December 31 2011 between the monthly salary the money will be monthly.
After a lag of 3-4 months remaining payment of wages will handle the company to restore fiscal health and capital restructuring "Mishra told reporters.
He said the employees will not be held demonstrations.
Kingfisher shares closed up 4.83% to 5% of its daily limit after a similar amount of the four previous sessions. i used yellow pages hyderabad to find out the latest news update studios.
Kingfisher has been scrambling to find investors to bring new capital and to lobbying the recent legal changes to allow foreign airlines to buy 49% of the airline. However none of the operators has publicly expressed interest in the shares.
Mallya's liquor business United Spirits Limited during the talks the British drinks giant Diageo Co. Ltd. the company may release his funds sell shares for investment Kingfisher.
"All kingfisher team members work and full support and I would like to thank them for their faith and continued commitment" Mallya is known as the "King of Good Times" for his flashy lifestyle in Twitter said.
Ministry of Civil Aviation said that meeting the commitments of wages is not the only challenge facing Kingfisher.
Ajit Singh India's civil aviation minister said "The salary is a big problem should pay for staff but the bigger problem than it is to their financial assurance CAAC ET Now television channel (Thursday).
"They have a lot of good (debt) the Airport Authority the oil companies leasing companies and therefore it is not just the issue of salary in order to allow them to fly again the satisfaction of the Director of Civil Aviation Department and more things" Singh said.
DGCA officials were not immediately available for comment.
Even in the stop operation Kingfisher grounded most fleet and arrears paid to banks airports leasing companies and others but still allowed to continue flying.
This prompted criticism many people believe that the authorities will be easy Vijay Mallya who is one of the members of Congress and India's most compelling businessman.
Kingfisher lender most state-owned commercial banks and rarely forced the liquidation of the company.