Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cyclone Nilam in Tamil Nadu, Andhra leave 11 people dead

Nilam is over the disastrous hurricane of the northern coast of Tamil Nadu capital Chennai Wednesday night Mamallapuram Tamil Nadu and Kalpakkam hit Andhra Pradesh costs killed 11 people and caused some serious damage to property.

The whirlwind so far has resulted in eight live in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

A state of confusion constant rain throughout the night throwing normal life in coastal Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh causing flooding in several parts.

The cyclone also push Prathiba's the Kavery boat from Mumbai to the beach near the Elliots shore. 37 people stranded on the boat but later rescued.

Land were destroyed in the cyclone hit more than 200 electric posts in different places. Relief and rescue teams have been deployed to the southern states across the country to combat the storm caused damage.

Destruction of property is yet to be assessed but it may not hurt the cause of Cyclone Tana in December last year a similar state officials said.

Storm crossed the coast 16:00 PM strong winds will continue for another six hours Thursday morning everything will calm down YEA Raj Deputy Director General India Meteorological Department (IMD) told IANS. People using mumbai business directory to find the nearest help points.

However the Tamil Nadu government has declared a holiday in the coastal areas Thursday schools and colleges.

We are experiencing strong winds and heavy rain we have not received any complaints from the loss of life or damage to property a police officer told IANS by phone at Kalpakkam.

The Chennai Company has made ​​arrangements to immediately remove fallen trees.

Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa review precautions should be taken at the rescue center in the storm and at the same time ordering enough stock essential items.

Revenue relief and rehabilitation Raghuveera Reddy who reviewed the case of officials on Wednesday night in Hyderabad the Minister said that the country is not facing any significant threats.

Interruption of power supply villages of 16 mandals in Nellore district due to strong winds. The heavy rains lashed Nellore at Prakasam Guntur and Chittoor District.

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