Thursday, 1 November 2012

New Yorkers ready for Sandy challenges

New York City's subway system paralyzed to Sandy a heavy blow to the millions of passengers to rethink how they will work week they're one step at a time. The storm killed 23 people in New York closed roads bridges flooded tunnels garages railway yard off the brine of the nation's largest mass transit system which is corrosive the electrical system. 

New York City's subway system is 108 years old but never met we have experienced the devastation of last night Joseph Lhota chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority on Tuesday said in a statement. Later he said the water is literally to the ceiling the train station in downtown Manhattan's South Pier. The subway service may be four to five days said New York City Mayor Michael Bloom berg as the authority to check the entire system of salt water damage. Tuesday night Lhota issued a statement saying that the agency will be able to discuss the system restart (Wednesday) last month in mid-day timetable.

This may prompt a large number of New York sports shoes laces. Some people say they do not mind.
You can not go three to four days unpaid leave Anthony Perrone said: On Wall Street a 31-year-old consultant he said he planned a one-hour and 15-minute walk to work.  Here in India its a storm Nilam has strike and does destruction where people can use Justdial Hyderabad for the local help. He said he was annoyed but he pointed out that other people suffered more. His brother live in the seaside near Howard Beach lost two cars floods Perrone said. I have nothing to complain about he said. Tunnels and elevated tracks of the subway system on Tuesday as the city slowly and gingerly hand gingerly back to life the staff assessed the damage. Recovery system is likely to be a gradual process MTA spokesman said Deirdre Parker.

Running in the 7 subway tunnel under the East River from Manhattan Queens and Brooklyn in the water Parker said. It's really hard to say which areas will come back first she said and it may be a limited subway and bus services combined. This will gradually come back. City bus last Tuesday resumed limited service and a full range of services will return last Wednesday said Bloom berg's news conference. The city is counting an average of 5.3 million passengers each weekday. The system which runs around the clock including 21 subway routes and 468 stations across 660 miles (1062 km) orbit.

In order to alleviate some of the burden Bloom berg signed an executive order that allows to pick up a number of passengers including passenger taxi. Uniforms taxi restrictions be relaxed to allow non-metering non-yellow car pick up people on the street anywhere in the city. Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and the Queens Midtown Tunnel is still closed due to floods. MTA spokesman said the damage assessment can not until the flood waters recede. MTA Metro-North railway outskirts of the Hudson and New Haven losing momentum by the flood in the the East Yangtze River Tunnel Long Island Rail Road the agency said.

PATH commuter train in New Jersey New York City connecting New Jersey is likely to continue to be suspended at least a week to 10 days said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Chris Christie). He said passengers should rely more on the ferry and driving. However along with telecommunications disruption cell phone and phone the day after the storm is still causing uneven coverage the number of New Yorkers are more worried about their commuting with their family. I'm all the way downtown I do not even care to be honest said: Brandon - Brown 30 years old live in Midtown Manhattan and engineering financial services company in the human resource management department. I am most concerned about is my family I do not worry about work or from work.

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