Thursday, 1 November 2012

MIni iPad, iPad, iPod touch: What iOS device you should buy it?

Apple has released a new iOS devices a ton of festivals: less than four new products covering the entire range of sizes and uses. Connect other devices are still selling Apple's fourth-generation iPod Touch the fourth generation of the iPad 2 iPhone 4 and iPhone the fifth-generation iPod Touch iPhone 5 Retina display iPad and of course the iPad mini: 4S shop.
Confusion right? The purpose of my article (and your sanity) restrictions Buying Guide analysis of the non-phone iOS gadget: iPod and iPad. It uses a 3.5-inch touchscreen and a 9.7-inch iPad there is a huge gap. Now there is a spectrum: 4 inches 7.9 inches 9.7 inches.

iPad mini
Starting price: $ 329 16GB the storage (Wi-Fi) $ 130 additional LTE cellular
Advantages: a sweet spot size Kindle similar portability is fully compatible with the iPad and iPhone application good battery life and the price is quite low (Apple).
Disadvantages: This is not the only new iOS devices Retina Display it is not updated with the fastest speed the greater the iPad.
Who should buy it? Anyone who wants to save money obviously because it costs less than the fourth generation of the iPad. If you do not mind not having a retina display technology or are considering the second the iPad ... or if you have children or if you are a heavy public transport commuting iPad mini is a very attractive pick.
Storage: 16GB should be for many people unless you plan to store a lot of games graphic novels / textbooks or video.

The fourth generation of the iPad
Starting price: 499 yuan 16GB storage (Wi-Fi) $ 130 additional LTE cellular
Advantages: amazing speed beautiful retina display technology impressive game graphics.
Disadvantages: heavier; big (relatively speaking) not much different from last year's iPad.
Who should buy it? If you've never owned an iPad before the fourth generation is a perfect third-generation version from March. This is an excellent portable computing devices read / watch the Tablet PC game consoles and multi-purpose tool. However if you have a third-generation iPad which is not worth the upgrade unless your cash. in India people use indian business directory to find the best shop for shopping.
Recommended storage: Due to the size of many high-definition video and games with 32GB or larger.

The fifth generation iPod touch
Starting price: $ 299 32GB storage (Wi-Fi) no phone choice
Advantages: solid match 4-inch Retina Display iPhone 5 camera with LED flash good battery life the general iPhone-like features minus the phone 32GB of storage capacity which is incredibly thin small.
Disadvantages: not as fast as the iPhone 5 the lack of a cell.
Who should buy it? The iPod Touch is indeed a phone iPhone. So iPhone users really need not apply. This is for music lovers who like ultra-portable device those who value more storage space the larger screen like the iPad mini money those who want the cheapest new iOS device period. It can be used in an emergency e-reader and Web browser but it's not comfortable or versatile as an iPad.
Recommended storage: 32GB version of the fifth-generation should be based on good music and games / video. If you use it as a video camera and 64GB.

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