Friday, 2 November 2012

Apple released iOS 6.0.1 air update tool

Apple has launched the first bug fix update to iOS6 released in mid-September because the software.
Version 6.0.1 which went this morning as a free update fixes some errors including the Apple iPhone 5 users from the installation in the air software update. Apple repair including the installation of a special iOS update application in order to facilitate this process which is from 6.0.1 installed equipment.

The update also includes a fix for a nasty foreign exchange error you can delete a meeting all invited participants if a user refuses the invitation. This problem can be so bad that some businesses to invest in specific solutions warned that declining the invitation and the use of a computer rather than device with iOS6.

Here is the complete change log:
  • Fixed a bug that prevent the installation of software updates iPhone5 wireless in the air
  • Fixed an error horizontal lines may be displayed on the keyboard
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the camera flash off
  • When connected to the encryption of WPA2 Wi-Fi network to improve the reliability of the iPhone and iPod Touch (fifth generation)
  • Solve a problem in some cases the use of a cellular network to prevent the iPhone from
  • Integrated cellular data converter iTunes match
  • Passbook through correct mistakes and sometimes are allowed to access information from the lock screen password lock
  • Fixed a bug affecting exchange

The boy genius report on the end of the report shows that Apple iOS6.0.1 testing phase all the above amendment mentioned that the company is also a function of a more comprehensive release 6.1 work after the holidays are over. try Justdial Mumbai for the local search and get latest Apple phones in nearby shops.

Apple released iOS5.0.1 spend a small under as a frame of reference released after iOS 5 last October. Major bug and security fixes release brings added multitasking gestures the original iPad users. Jump to iOS5.1 redesigned camera application on the iPad to increase the size limit of the AIR application download to about four months later.

According the Apple iOS6 added: iOS 5 to more than 200 new features. The most important of which is Apple's own map application change Siri add more information watch movies restaurants and sports scores as well as the depth of integration with Facebook.

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