Monday, 29 October 2012

U.S. parentheses up "Frankenstorm" Obama announced emergency

Millions of Americans in nine countries in order to meet the impact of the potentially devastating hurricane Sandy a massive storm menacing the East Coast.

Sandy hurricane forced tens of thousands to seek higher ground to stop public transport and shut down schools businesses and government departments.

U.S. President Barack Obama's declaration of a national state of emergency in the state capital Maryland Massachusetts and New York to return to Washington changed his campaign plans to monitor the situation from his leadership the White House.

Nine states have declared emergencies and U.S. President Barack Obama warned that the country and the nation to brace itself.

This is a serious storm Obama said at a conference in Washington the federal government's Storm Response. We do not know where to play where we're going to see the biggest impact.

To about 50 people from the Mid-Atlantic Canada the storm path forecast said this may be the largest ever to hit the U.S. mainland. Is expected in the next few days fallen trees buildings damaged causing widespread power outages.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said on Monday the first class to strengthen the storm as it turned back to the coast and 15 miles (24 km). Expected to bring life-threatening storm surge coastal hurricanes heavy snow in the Appalachians the National Hurricane Center said.

Why is it called Frankenstorm?

The weather forecast said when it moved inland Sandy in the Caribbean 66 people were killed and brought in the coastal areas of high altitude and snow lashing rain cause extensive flooding.

Sandy package punch Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 from its eyes it winds extend about 520 miles (835 kilometers) meteorologists said.

Ordered the closure of the transportation system in New York and other cities and towns schools and the mass evacuation of low-lying areas storm surges can reach 11 feet (3.4 meters) high.

Forecasters said Sandy is a rare mix of super-storm Arctic Rapids wrapped himself around the tropical storm and may result in up to 12 inches (30 centimeters) of rainfall in some areas and up to three feet (90 cm) of snowfall in the Appalachians from West Virginia Kentucky. Here in India people use Justdial Ahmedabad for the local search to find the business nearby.

Worried residents in the path of the hurricane packing shop to find the expected power outages generators flashlights batteries food and other supplies. Nearly 284000 residential properties valued at $ 8.8 billion U.S. dollars of damage risk risk Core Logic analyst said.

Transportation mill stopped down with airlines to cancel flights shut down bridges and tunnels and Amtrak canceled all rail passenger services on the East Coast. The federal government in Washington DC said non-emergency personnel to stay at home.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered the evacuation of about 375000 people from low-lying areas of the city from the high-end Manhattan waterfront housing project under the city's outer boroughs.

Hurricane Sandy derailment the U.S. presidential election

Due to hurricane Sandy roared up the East Coast in the United States President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney changed their program of activities in the Nov. 6 general election before the final sprint.

Just eight days before the account is one of the most rigorous race for the White House Obama scrapped his plan campaigning in Ohio on Monday but back to Washington to monitor nearly Frankenstorm.

On Saturday the Obama campaign has canceled another Monday in Virginia as well as in Colorado on Tuesday morning.

Romney also canceled Sunday the storm path the plans of the campaigning in Virginia and joined his running mate Paul Ryan an event in Ohio.

Monday in Ohio Iowa and Wisconsin Republican scheduled activities Ohio (Tuesday). A Romney campaigning in New Hampshire is scheduled for Tuesday was canceled Sunday afternoon announced in an e-mail activity CNN reported.

On Sunday from both politicians say this is the White House is still too early to tell turmoil will affect the game but access to the polling centers will be the impact of a storm if it continues until the election day.

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