Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tamil Nadu and Andhra staring at the baby Sandy

The Bengal cyclone maximum wind speed of 100 kmph bay but a dwarf compared rampant in the northeastern United States today it may be made Tamil Nadu Wednesday night superstorm Sandy.

Nilam Hotel the cyclone will bring strong winds heavy rainfall storm surges waves up to one meter above normal tide level in its landing diffuse low-lying coastal areas meteorologists said today.
Predict the cyclones future trajectory it will hit the coast between Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu and Nellore in Andhra Pradesh India Meteorological Department said.

Indian and foreign meteorological agency has assigned independent simulated landing the probability of the highest in Chennai Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram Thiruvallur District.

We expect to damaged thatched hutments trees and crops electricity and telephone lines interrupt Mrutyunjaya Mahapatra head of the cyclone division of the India Meteorological Department said.
IMD said the wind in the next 12 hours the wind speed up to 65 kmph prevail along the northern Tamil Nadu and adjoining south Andhra Pradesh and wind speed will increase cyclone looms closer and the Coast.

We are asking the fishermen have been back in the land of maritime navigation into the sea Mahapatra said. The IMD predicted very rough close Pondicherry northern Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in southern sea in the next 48 hours.

IMD scientists will meet officials of the Chennai airport tomorrow morning to make a decision whether or not to close the Chennai airport.

This decision will depend on and we look forward to tomorrow night along the approach roads and the runway on the downwind and crosswind Director of aeronautical meteorological offices in Chennai told the Daily Telegraph.

Suresh said commercial aircraft there are a lot of limitations so that they be able to speed downwind and crosswind.

Depression intensifies into a deep depression in the atmospheric environment in the south of the Bay of Bengal on Monday and evolved into a cyclone storm center laid today evening about 450 kilometers south-southeast of Chennai and 130 km north-northeast of the pavilion may be Mali Sri Lanka. It is moving north - northwest direction we expect the Day (Wednesday) night a senior IMD scientists said.
The scientists said landing in severe cyclones in the North Atlantic near Atlantic City New Jersey Sandy Nilam Hotel is a dwarf about 530 points Beijing time today extended to hurricane wind speed of 250 km from the center of the storm. people need to look out for the needed things which can be found by using yellow pages chennai and yellow pages bangalore.

Nilam is the most serious wind is expected to stretch only about 120-130 kilometers Eye of the Storm a senior IMD scientists said. The size of the cyclone caused by many factors one of which is a water basin cyclones in the Atlantic and the Pacific often than those in the Bay of Bengal or the Arabian Sea the scientists said.

IMD said it had alerted the airport and state organs as well as the issue of cyclone communique will continue to alert each three-hour whirlwind.

8 northern Indian Ocean Rim countries selected in the name of the North Indian Ocean cyclone - Nilam is the name of the hotel from the roster from a predefined order eight of which Pakistan.

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