Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Skyfall - Sarah Morgan's review

First of all if you have not seen the film and going to the past do not look at this introduction. I want to say is that if you are a fan of the first two Daniel Craig Bond (Daniel Craig) and like the direction of the restart a damn good chance that you will actively hate Skyfall. If you like the Roger Moore Bonds but the bonds that era gadgets and cunning conspiracy nonsense is a great hole then you might like this movie. I do not know.

Spoilers if you continue to read if you have not already seen it will destroy the movie ... No you can not predict this swelling foreseeable nonsense off.

I need to get it now I'm a fan of the first two Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) Bond movie. Casino Royale In fact for me is the best Bond movie. Period. There is no doubt Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) bonds is the most in-depth and credible they all. I worried when he was appointed as the new bonds and not because I do not like him as an actor because I do but because I do not know what the hell they going to do to bond. Bonds went to a ball in the absurdity of the end of the Brosnan era layout and flashy so many people think that bonds are dead and will remain so. Then I saw Casino Royale Jason Bourne in those few days after the speech of the modern world. This is gritty but still witty it is emotional and suave James Bond moment it is still intact other movie franchise can only hope to emulate. It hit the perfect balance. In fact Quantum of Solace continues the story arc is to me a bit of a shock but in fact I think it is an interesting Bond films deviation. Real quantum crisis is not the best movie sometimes too bloated lost its way it seems a bit too dark which is good ... but it still bonds is credible and above all damage defects therefore interesting.

Therefore the role of the first title before my attention Skyfall go credits. Literally 60 seconds into the film a facepalm moment. We learn from a laptop hard drive was stolen British surgery is tired of wearing the old chestnut again ... no this is not in London the United Kingdom or any other place ... but was held in Istanbul. OK fair enough but the hard drive is very important because it contains the name of the United Kingdom and the United States intelligence officers embedded in terrorist organizations around the world the whole idea seems completely ING crazy. The fact is that as in the previous two Daniel Craig Bond (Daniel Craig) movie depicts various secret service agencies in charge of running clothes may be playing catch up but always in the ball. A hard drive top-secret information information MI6 is impossible that the whereabouts of the CIA agents like cringe worthy excessive use is established. Sam Mendes (Sam Mendes) Excuse me sir are you kidding? I believe that the loss of a laptop on the tube some of MI5's stupid sort of nonsense actual situation. However the intelligence agencies where information in a foreign land in a laptop? Sorry but no. Why is it? The reason is that it? This is never explained in the movie we are just expected to swallow this grandstanding itself completely fuck does not make sense in any way you learn movies creaking! I generally use local search to find the nearest movie theaters.

Why? Well we learned the bad guy a very incredible camp Javier Barden who should do the best work he can with a terrible script and terrible ideas they to his character in fact is a super-smart totally awesome hacker. Who can really scored the MI6 up. So in the end why he did not just steal information immediately incompetent Junqingliuchu server? Ah Mr. Mendes? Maybe is unfair accusations Mendes God terrible mistakes internal consistency maybe I should be in this rude one stresses that the goal of the script writers of the story is my anger. Therefore John Logan Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who wrote the script of the creative team that this meaningless efforts are worth it? Or less than its own set of defects? I do not know. However it does serve to set up it can be said that in the best moment of the movie no not Adele signed the theme out of tune but a car / bike chase through Istanbul is actually a piece of classic Bond merger Daniel · Craig modern Bond brilliant if more than the best results. However even if this is too damn long Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) we get the top of a the following HDD thief train traveling. I must honestly say that on this point I expected the train to jump the shark-infested rivers while men with jetpacks bonds laser shooting.

Vatican has apparently caused a the Skyfall frenzy of wind it even through its official L 'Osservatore Romano published opinions. 23th James Bond picture and even captured a rare review calling it the best in the 50 yearsone of L 'Osservatore Romano Skyfall green light is a great change of publications of which only 15000 print circulation and its influence is far much higher however when its editorials reflect the policy of the Vatican is spilled in the paperand websites around the world. Skyfall L 'Osservatore Romano published five articles according to Reuters.

document states that its main article 007 permits cry the latest installation of the British super little clichéwork and more user-friendly and can be moved to tears: a word more real. In another article comparing descent Bond actor Sean Connery to Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) Craig told the newspaper he was very different from his predecessors but pointed out that Connery is a reference point. well-known Catholic Church condemned Federico Fellini's classic La Dolce Vita when it first appeared in 1960 by L 'Osservatore Romano watch a scene in the movie an imitation of Christ's second coming which is subject to extensive review including until after the death of dictator Francisco Franco in Spain in 1975 a total ban on.

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